Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Wow! I can't believe that we have been married for seven years. SO much has happened in those seven years. It has been great I feel so blessed to have my sweet hubby and our five girls. To celebrate this year, Aaron and I went out to dinner with my sis and her husband and then we went to Park City to spend the night. The next day we SLEPT IN, shopped at the outlets, went out to lunch and rode the Alpine slide. We had so much fun. It was so great to get a day away and just have fun together. Happy Anniversary babe! Here's to a bazillion more years of bliss!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surprise Visit!

Imagine trying to take the kids to "This is the Place" Monument, finding it closed and wondering what to with our five kids and our night in Salt Lake. Imagine everyone crying or yelling in the car, Aaron asking me which way to go, Emily and I trying to come up with an idea and the phone ringing. Imagine me seeing that it was Jessie and thinking I better not answer right now b/c it is mass chaos and we will want to talk forever. Then imagine me deciding to answer and me hearing Jessie tell me that she was in UT only two minutes from where we driving! Imagine us flipping a U-Turn and pulling into Jessie's driveway literally two minutes later! We were so excited! I cannot believe that they were here and that it worked out like that! We spent the evening together and then made plans and got together a couple more times while she was there. You have no idea how great it was to sit and talk and let our kids run wild, just like old times. It was so much fun adn I can't wait until it happens again!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime?

SWIM SWIM and SWIM some more! We have spent everyday at the pool for the last few weeks and it has been great. Maggie has overcome her fear, although she still refuses to do swimming lessons. Hallie is swimming across the pool and jumping off the diving board and Lainey is trying to do whatever they do. We are having a great time and loving the summer!

Aubrey and Annie

Aubrey and Annie


Annie- her tongue is sticking out all of the time now



Hallie and the cousins

Maggie and Avery

Maggie- yes it is 2 feet deep, but it is serious progress




Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Home Evening

What a fun night out with our family to Temple quare. Our kids have never been to the visitor's center and they loved it! Seriously couldn't get enough. I loved being there with my family and letting my kids feel the spirit of temple square.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We had such a fun 4th of July. It was all the better because we spent the entire weekend with DADDY! We have been away from him for a month, so it was a sweet reunion. Happy fourth of July everyone and thank you to all who defend our freedom!

Aubrey- A little under the weather- you can see it in her eyes
Annie- feeling good here, but feeling sick is around the corner

Almost all of the grandkids

I love that the kids got their boosters out of the car to wait for the parade . . . resourceful!

totally conked out!

Fat and happy- I love it- they are weighing in at 18.5lbs at 6 months. They didn't waste anytime catching up!


Little Dance Party at the fireworks

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to three of my girls! I am so far behind on the journaling, but I don't want to get any worse, so I just wanted to wish them all a happy birthday. Lainey Shae actually turned two yesterday, so her birthday wish is actually in good time. Hallie turned six on June 8 and Maggie 4 on April 7. So happy birthday to my girls who make me the happiest mom in the world and who are so patient with so much right now! I couldn't ask for better kids. I love you so much!
Lainey Shae- Old Macdonald Party

The Real Lainey- who refused to wear her shirt for the entire party!

Maggie Moo- Barbie/ PJ Party
Mags really wanted a Barbie party, but she is the queen of wearing PJs. She wanted nothing more than a Barbie party with everyone in the pajamas. As you wish babe!

Maggie also got to celebrate with Emmy and Isac while we were in UT.

Hallie princess party with the cousins. Her favorite part of the day was catching this bird. Ahhh! Fun party with her cousins.

Hallie - Tea party/ Dress up party. This was a blast!
Fun party with her other cousins!