Friday, October 30, 2009

Down and Out

Unfortunately, we have contracted the H1N1 at our house and have spent the week hanging out at home. Hallie and Maggie ar ethe only two that have actually come down with it, so we will keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way. Just thought I'd post a few pics to catch you up again on what has been going on here. Warning- LOTS of pictures that go from present to past.

We have been in desperate search of entertainment, especially on our sixth day at home. The girls gathered up all of the blankets in the house and made a landing pad. They came up with some pretty great jumps!

Lots of eating . . .

snuggling . . .

and reading . . . and watching TV, ( I admit) lest you think I have actually come up with activities to fill the whole time!

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to this! The girls were soooooo excited!

Of course they had to gear up and go play in it! Lainey's new "cheese" face is my favorite!

Aaron dressed up as a hippie for a youth activity, "Where's Waldo" in the mall. He looked awesome and the kids had a hard time recognizing him. He was chillin' in front of Hot Topic. Love it!
In between General Conference sessions we went out to our previous Bishop's house to pick pumpkins, go for a hayride and, for my kids, chase and hold cats! They cannot focus on anything else when we are there. The Pences are such an amazing family and we have LOVED getting to know them since we have lived here. They are so generous to have us all come out and hang out at their fun house and pick pumpkins!

Our annual trip to Center Grove Orchard-- one of our favorite places in Iowa!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just a quick update about what we have been up to.
Lainey has been transitioning from two naps to one and sometimes has a hard time making it through lunch!

This is one of my favorite pics b/c it is so typical of a day at our house. Notice Lainey's feet hanging out of the TV armoire- where she climbs about 100 times a day!- and notice Maggie's little bum hanging out. That also happens everyday! Cracks me up. Hallie is, of course, in charge and is the "teacher" for the group.

Dad has had a lot more time at home and we have all been LOVING it! He is such a great dad!

And then there is me, growing like a champ! I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. I can't believe that I still have so far to go, and at the same time I am getting nervous that it is getting so close! Ahhhh!

The baby girls are getting so big and are doing really well. I love these first two pictures. Baby A has a hip bone (from Baby B) resting on her face and arm, and in the next picture, Baby B has her sister's foot ready to kick her in the face! It is crazy how intertwined they are. But, I guess that is all they know, so they do ok! Can't wait for these girlies to get here! What a blessing!