Monday, February 23, 2009


It has been forever and I need to do a quick update! I have been busy trying to organize my life and I am finding that I am not very good at it! It is still FREEZING here in Iowa and I am ready for Spring, to say the least. We have been up to all kinds of things trying to stay busy and have had lots fun at it! Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. Happy Valentine's Day.
We went out to breakfast this morning to celebrate! We look really tired and much less glamorous than we used to on valentine's day, but love each other a hundred times more!
Grandma and the girls made a beautiful heart cake to celebrate.

I had to throw this in here. Magg got into my makeup again! That kid is something else!
The DMU Winter Gala. I had to put this picture with the girls. They were so excited about the gala. They asked me if I was going to a "real" ball. Of course I said yes. Then when I was ready and put my dress on, they seriously both gasped and said, "You look so beautiful mom! Which princess are you?" Maggie's new thing is "I wish" ( I wish I had that toy, I wish I had a cookie like that little boy, I wish I was big like you mom and could wear that beautiful dress!) They were so sweet and so excited.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you love the cake!