Thursday, February 28, 2008

And baby GIRL makes three!!!!

Well, the long anticipated day of ultrasound came and we are having another girl! I have to say that I was shocked. I really thought it was a boy! I hate to admit it, but my "mother's intuition" has been wrong all three times! Luckily I have Aaron's "father's intuition" because, once again, he was right. Sadly, I spent an hour today, returning the few "boys" items I had already purchased. That little guy (if it had been) was named, dressed and nursery decorated. Now that it has sunk in a little, I am getting very excited about the idea of a house full of girls! The new little one is healthy and strong and of course, measuring on the higher end of things! We are so excited and feel so blessed to have this little one coming to our family.

So now we need a little help with names! We are having a hard time with it this time. We have NO possibilities that we have come up with, so we welcome your suggestions! In fact, we are begging for them! Anyway, just wanted to share our exciting news!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funny Funny Stuff

Maybe it is because it is getting late and we are a little sleep deprived, but Aaron and I were cracking up at this video. So , we thought we'd share.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day Pictures ( A little late!)

So I know these pictures are a little late, but I had to post them, mostly for my family to see. But also because I have been meaning to write about Hallie's Valentine Party at school and the cutest thing that happened there. So all morning I was telling Hallie about her Valentine Party and Mag kep saying, " Hallie- party . . . me, too?" I said, "yes, you get to go to Hallie's party, too". This is a huge deal for Mag because she wants to do EVERYTHING that Hallie does. When we got to the party, I was cracking up b/c Mag was acting just like she was one of the older kids. She jumped into musical chairs and they couldn't figure out why the numbers were off, b/c Mag just blended right in. So once we figured it out, Hallie held out her hand and said, "Here Mag, come play with me" She led her through the game and helped her understand the rules. Then they played a game where they had to find a certain color of heart that was hidden in the room. Hallie found two hearts each time and gave one to Maggie and told her to take it to the teacher. She let Maggie help her make her animal sounds for animal charades. I was so impressed! It was so cute. Hallie was being such a great sister. They aren't always that agreeable, but they are really starting to get along and Hallie does such a great job with her "little tagalong!" Just the other day, Hallie was kind of sad that I don't sing her the potty song after she goes potty. (It is a really silly song that we sing to encourage Maggie) anyway, after I explained to her that she was a pro at going potty and I used to sing her the song and now we are trying to teach Mag, she was instantly satisfied and runs into the bathroom to sing for Maggie everytime she goes. I love it! I love that they are friends and that they are getting old enough to really play together and love each other! Sorry, kind of a different post, but I was just watching them play today and remembering the Valentine Party and I was so thankful for what I have.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron!

I know that I just did a spotlight on my sweet hubby, but since it is (was) his birthday, another post about him is totally justified! We had a fun celebration on Saturday. Hallie and I decided to make Aaron a "beach" cake and have a luau for his party. We thought it might pull us out of our depression about the winter weather! It worked for a night anyway! Also, we went out to dinner with some friends and then went to the Nascar Race similator in the mall. Aaron said it was really fun! They wouldn't let me ride because I am prego, but he liked it. I took a hint from Debbi's blog and got Aaron the Planet Earth DVD's. Thanks for a great idea Debbi. We all love them! We found a sweet deal on ebay, so I like them even more! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Aaron. can't wait until spring break when we can actually hang out again!

Aaron and his "treat" from Fuddruckers!

In the Nascar!

Our Beach Cake, minus the people. By the time I got the people out, Mags had done a number on the cake, so this was the best we got!

Daddy and his girls at the Luau!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, I have to admit that I am nervous to say this outloud, but I potty trained Maggie and it worked! Anyone who knows me knows that my experience with Hallie was, " less that desirable", so I vowed to wait until Maggie was 4 to even try! But since she was basically potty training herself, I decided to support her in her efforts and it was a success! (At least I think) It has been a week and we have had successful outings and even made it through church accident free. I am so excited and wondering how I should spend the extra $50 a month!

Most of you know we are having a baby in July! We are so excited! Hallie has even set up toys in her room in anticipation, "just in case the baby comes today and wants to play in my room". It is so cute and I feel so bad that she has to wait until July. I feel so bad that I have to wait until July! And speaking of waiting. I must admit that I twinge with envy as the girls due only a week or two ahead of me are finding out what they are having. I have to wait until March 5! What a cruel joke! I will be 22 weeks. So I am desperately looking for a way to sneak in an early ultrasound. I have volunteered myself as a subject at Whitney's ultrasound tech school and have even located a fetal photo studio in Des Moines. If I opt for the fetal photo, my husband might get actually, really get mad ( for once). Any ideas?

Lastly, I have a new obsession. I really want a bunk bed type deal in my girl's room, but I have these weird fears about bunk beds. I worry about someone falling off the top and I worry about a child falling off the ladder and I even worry about the top bunk crashing down on someone's head. (Probably stems from sleeping on the bottom bunk with my brother above and hearing every little creak in the support beams). Anyway, I think I found an alternative. It is a bunk bed, but not nearly as high, with stairs instead of a ladder and no one's head under the top bunk. Sounds perfect! Only it is WAY out of our price range. So I have been trying to figure out how to get this bed. I found a guy in Craig's List who can build it for a third of the cost. Has anyone had experience with that? Would you recommend it or is that crazy? Also, do you think it would be too wierd to sleep with your head out in the middle of the room? Thoughts? Advice? I would appreciate any input! Here is a picture of the bed so that you can get the visual.

One more thing. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the space at the bottom of every post. It is really annoying and I can't get rid of it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Love of My Life

What is his name? Aaron

How long have we been together? We started dating in January of 2003 and were married on July 25 2003- so we are coming up on five fantastic years!

How old is he? Older than me, that's all that matters! Actually he is 30, but not for much longer!

Who eats more? Definitely Aaron. A few months after we were married, he sat me down and said, "Sweetie. There is something we need to talk about. You have got to cook a little more food. I have been starving for about a month now!" Who knew how much a man could eat?

Who said I love you first? Aaron- It was kind of funny because he went to Arizona with me to support me while I ran a half marathon (believe it or not- I ran one!). After the race, we were hanging out in the swimming pool and kidding around and he jokingly said, "I love you". As soon as he said it, he realized what he had said and tried to back pedal. It was a tiny bit akward and he was like, "I mean I love hanging out with you- I love being here with you, you know? " I just let it go, but later that night he brought up the swimming pool incident and said, "I really meant it- I do love you". I was so excited!

Who is taller? Definitely Aaron- I would be one TALL girl. (Let's all hope Maggie doesn't pass him up!)

What is his favorite sport? Basketball, Tennis and Golf. I love that we can play golf and tennis (I try) together!

Who is smarter? That's tough. It depends on what you want to know!

Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but we are working on a deal where Aaron is much more involved. Next time you see him, ask him how that is working out for him!

Who does the dishes? We both do.

Who pays the bills? I do. I always have. I definitely don't want him to know everything I spend money on! J/K

Who cooks dinner? Me. Unless it is a breakfast for dinner night- then Aaron takes over.

Who drives when you are together? Definitely Aaron.

Who is more stubborn? Neither of us are very stubborn, but if I had to pick one, I would probably have to say me. Aaron is very accomodating.

Who kissed who first? Aaron kissed me. I thought he would never do it, but I am glad I waited for him to make the first move.

Who proposed? Aaron. He came to San Diego with me to visit my family. We went for a drive and went to Coronado Island, just outside of the Hotel Del Coronado. We were walking on the beach when we saw a shovel and pail. Aaron suggested that we build a sand castle. So we sat down and started digging. All of a sudden, we hit something hard in the sand. It was a big box. I had no idea this was coming, so I seriously thought we had found something that someone else had planted there. I felt guilty opening it up. It was a big treasure box with sparkling cider and flowers. Aaron was ready to open the sparkling cider and I said, "This belongs to someone, we can't just open it". I was ready to rebury the "treasure" when I looked at Aaron. He was down on his knee with the ring box open and it finally sunk in that this was all for me. It was really fun! This picture is from that night. My brothers were hiding behind the rocks taking pictures!

Who has more siblings? Aaron. He has 4 siblings and I have 3.

Who wears the pants in the family? I would have to say me. Sad, but true!

Aaron is such a great man! He is a wonderful husband and I love him so much. Medical school has put some serious demands on our time together, but I love that when we do have time together, we both love it so much. We could talk to each other forever! He is an incredible father to our two girls and they love him so much. He works hard and makes me very proud to be his!

Winter Fun!

I actually love that it snowed today! We had Aaron home for a yummy french toast breakfast and had a fun morning before he had to take off for studying. There is something about being snowed in that makes you feel like you can forget about your responsibilites for the day and just snuggle in. (At least until the kids go crazy enough warrant a trek outside the house!) We loved being outside. The girls ate more snow than they played in, probably not good, but we all did it and we're ok- right? Anyway- here's to embracing winter and enduring for a couple more months!

Hallie making a snow angel, but more concerned about eating the snow off her nose than actually making the angel!

Maggie trying to make a snow angel, but not wanting her arms down in the snow one bit!

A little sisterly love!

I actually love this look, when the kids come in from ouside and their cheeks are all red and their hair is a mess! I think they look so cute!