Friday, October 31, 2008


We LOVE Halloween! We love to go all out and dress up. This year, Hallie and Maggie chose our costume theme. Hallie wanted to be Wendy, from Peter Pan, and Maggie wanted to be Peter pan. No amount of bribing or persuasion could talk her into being Tinkerbell! She wanted to be Peter Pan and that was it. So, I got to be Tinkerbell, Aaron was, of course, Captain Hook and Lainey was the Crocodile. My extremely talented mother volunteered (sort of) to make the costumes for us! They turned out AMAZING! Lucky for us she was here for Halloween. And just before Halloween, Nana got to come out and spend some time with us. So, naturally, the grandma's had to dress up, too and they got to be Mr. Smee! We had so much fun having our Grandma's here and doing all that Iowa has to offer in the Fall. What a great time!

WOW! That's a ton of candy, and you can tell by their faces that we were a "little" hyper tonight!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's Rock the House

So it is time for a very random post to update you on what has been going on around the Allred house. We have been busy enjoying the fall and all of the fun that goes along with it! We have spent lots of time outside and the girls are loving every minute of it. We have been to Howell's Pumpkin Patch (where we played, but did not pick pumpkins) We did that at our past Bishop's house. They have an awesome pumpkin patch and the girls loved picking out their own pumpkins. Actually, what they really loved was holding the kittens. We could not get them away from the kittens. They took about 10 seconds to pick a pumpkin and were right back to holding the kittens. Bishop Pence "gave" Hallie a kitten last year (it lives at his house, but it is hers). She named her kitten "Cinders" and literally, she has prayed for that kitten every night since she got it. This last time we went to see Cinders, one of the other kittens had been killed by another animal. In her prayers that night, Hal asked that "Cinders and her mom could be happy that their sister got killed by a wolf, that they would be safe and no more kittens would get killed and that Cinders would be safe while we went home for Christmas". She loves this kitten sooo much! Now Maggie has picked out a kitten, too. Hers is "Noodles" and she is following suit and praying for her kitten every night, too. I have some serious animal lovers! It is great.

Aaron and I got to go to an awesome Murder Mystery Party. The Jankes hosted such a great party! It was a blast and it was so much fun to see everyone in character. Aaron was a Spanish Golfer (Cougar Forest) and I was Miss Sugar Ann Flour- the town pastry chef! Looks like I need to layoff the cupcakes! It was a great time.

It looks like I may have a thumb sucker! THe last few times I have checked on Lainey, I have found her like this . . .

Right now I think it is adorable, but that could be a hard habit to break.

Here are a couple more pics of Lainey. I couldn't resist the side shot-- you have to see her sweet cheeks!

And finally to the title of my post. Quick background . . . I got an Ipod for my birthday. LOVE IT! My birthday was in August, but I am just getting around to loading all of our music onto the Ipod, so it has been a really fun thing for all of us lately. The other day we were riding in the car and an old school "Milli Vanilli" song came on. I thought the girls would prefer their Disney music, so I changed the song. Hallie immediately protested and said "turn the other song back on! I want to Rock the House!" I cracked up. So I was trying to find it and since I was also trying to drive, I found a similar song that I thought would sufficiently, "rock the house". Hallie again protested and said, "this song only rocks the car and I really want to rock the house!" So, back to Milli Vanilli and let me tell you, we rocked the house!