Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maggie's First Day of School

Miss Magoo has started school! She was so excited and has been counting the days until school started. She had to wait 2 1/2 weeks after Hallie started and she has been dying to go! She loves school and loves her teachers and asks everyday if it is a school day. I miss my girls when they are gone, but I know that they are learning and having fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Zoo

I just had to write about Hallie and the zoo the other day. It was Monday, labor day, and Hallie was SOOOOOO excited to have the day off school. She woke up late and laid around in her jammies watching cartoons all morning. She must have seen a commercial for the zoo and came running into the kitchen, "Mom, we HAVE to go to the zoo today. There are new animals and I REALLY want to go see them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we go to the zoo?". If you know Hallie, you can only imagine the excitement and animation on her face as she begged to go to the zoo. How could I resist? We decided right then and there we had better get ready and get to the zoo. Once we were in the car, I asked Hallie to tell me about the new animals and what we were going to see. "Oh mom, you are going to be so excited. They got new BIRDS! The new birds are called PIGEONS. Yea mom, we are going to get to see pigeons today!" Oh, to be as excitable as a five year old! Well, let me tell you, we saw some some pigeons and Hallie was completely satisfied. And so was I!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Check One Off the List

Just a quick update on what is going on with us here. As you can imagine, news of the twin girls coming has rocked our world a little! We have a list with several things that we need to do to make room and get ready for these girls. We have kind of been going around in circles trying to accomplish SOMETHING, but really getting no where. But alas, we have the first of many things checked off our list! We traded our old car (*actually our new car) for a new(actually older)car. It was hard for us. Probably b/c we just bought the Ford last year and we LOVED it, but it just wasn't going to work. So, first thing checked off the list and one less thing to do to get ready for these babes. We love our new van and the girls think it is the coolest thing in the world.

Also thought I'd post a picture of the growing belly. It is getting HUGE already, I can't imagine that I am only halfway! But for all of my family and friends far away who don't believe me. I am getting big! This is me at 20 weeks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Pics

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I had not gotten the girls birthday pictures taken. Can't skip that! So although a huge effort, and not their favorite thing, I was really excited about how they turned out!How lucky am I to have a great friend that is also a great photographer!