Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Graduation!

Happy Graduation to Aaron! I am so proud of his accomplishment. Amazing that he/we made it with a family of seven, but we did. I must admit that I got a little emotional when he walked in during the processional. It just felt like such a huge thing to have finsihed and we are so happy! And I can honestly say that the journey has been great. We have had a few stumbling blocks, but all in all it has been great for our family. We have learned a million lessons and have become a very close family unit. It is hard on the girls to move so much, but they are becoming such good friends and I love it. They really rely on each other. We have settled into our new home in Missouri and we are starting to really like it here. I think it is going to be great for us. A big HUGE thank you to our parents for being there to support us, not only on graduation day, but through this whole process! We love you so much and could not have done it without you! And thank you for helping us with the move. Of course we didn't pull the move off without a hitch (or two or three). And so now we have some great memories to laugh about! Thank you, thank you! We love you!