Saturday, May 21, 2011

We are back

Wow! We have been on a little hiatus! Actually we have been in C-R-A-Z-Y mode. It has been the most hectic, crazy year of our lives and I could kick myself for not staying up on the blog. I have missed so many great moments. But instead of stressing out about catching up, I have decided to move forward with new conviction.
So tomorrow wraps up our stay in CA. It has been wonderful here and we have loved it. There is nothing like being with family. It has been amazing and we are going to miss it so much. My parents have been incredible and I feel so lucky to have had even a brief year with them. Was it worth packing up our stuff and our family to move across the country for a year, only to move right back where we came from? ABSOLUTELY! I am so glad we had this time and that my kids had the opportunity to see their grandparents on such a regular basis. What a treat. I could never thank my parents enough.
We have also made incredible friends and are sad to leave them. Moving a ton is hard, but it gives us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and make lifelong friends.
I really can't write a novel tonight. We are packing the truck tomorrow and I am asking myself, what the heck am I doing on the computer? But I needed a breather and it was refreshing to take a break and check in on some friends, which in turn inspired me to post. So here are the Allreds, checking back in and hopefully getting the ball rolling! Here is to a new adventure that begins tomorrow . . .