Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to three of my girls! I am so far behind on the journaling, but I don't want to get any worse, so I just wanted to wish them all a happy birthday. Lainey Shae actually turned two yesterday, so her birthday wish is actually in good time. Hallie turned six on June 8 and Maggie 4 on April 7. So happy birthday to my girls who make me the happiest mom in the world and who are so patient with so much right now! I couldn't ask for better kids. I love you so much!
Lainey Shae- Old Macdonald Party

The Real Lainey- who refused to wear her shirt for the entire party!

Maggie Moo- Barbie/ PJ Party
Mags really wanted a Barbie party, but she is the queen of wearing PJs. She wanted nothing more than a Barbie party with everyone in the pajamas. As you wish babe!

Maggie also got to celebrate with Emmy and Isac while we were in UT.

Hallie princess party with the cousins. Her favorite part of the day was catching this bird. Ahhh! Fun party with her cousins.

Hallie - Tea party/ Dress up party. This was a blast!
Fun party with her other cousins!


Elise said...

The girls all look so adorable. And so do their cakes! What fun bday parties! Lainey looks so much older; I can't believe it's only been a few months. I bet Annie and Aubrey have changed a lot too. You have the cutest girls! Hope you are all doing well. :)

donatello said...

katie! why do you have the cutest girls ever?!?!? i can't wait to see you so soon!