Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We had such a fun 4th of July. It was all the better because we spent the entire weekend with DADDY! We have been away from him for a month, so it was a sweet reunion. Happy fourth of July everyone and thank you to all who defend our freedom!

Aubrey- A little under the weather- you can see it in her eyes
Annie- feeling good here, but feeling sick is around the corner

Almost all of the grandkids

I love that the kids got their boosters out of the car to wait for the parade . . . resourceful!

totally conked out!

Fat and happy- I love it- they are weighing in at 18.5lbs at 6 months. They didn't waste anytime catching up!


Little Dance Party at the fireworks


Kimberli said...

It was so great to see your girls in person! They look just as cute in the pictures. What a great family!

We'll sure be thinking of you during all these away rotations. :(

Kami said...

Loved having all of you here for the fourth, it just made it that much funner!!!!

All of us, but mostly Heidi said...

I thought about you guys during the holiday weekend...and missed you! The good ol' Waukee days!