Saturday, September 6, 2008

Raccoon River

We love Raccon River Park. We decided to take a picnic there to "celebrate" Aaron's last weekend of summer. (I don't know that celebrate is the right word). Anyway, it was so much fun. It totally reminded me of summer days as a kid. The girls chased butterflies and waded in the creek. They ran through the sprinklers and did "underdogs" on the swings. We skipped rocks and I have to brag for Aaron. He skipped a rock that skipped 11 times! It was crazy! I have never seen a rock skip that many times. We had a great summer having Aaron home and we are so sad that he has to go back to school already. We will miss him, but we made the most of a great summer!

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Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

All of these pictures are so fun to look at! It looks like you have been doing a lot and having so much fun. I love that you dress the girls the same, its my favorite!!! You are such a darling family and we wish we got to see you more...but we are thrilled we get to see you for new years. See you then! Love you guys!