Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Creek and Saylorville Lake

Who knew that Iowa had such a fun lake? We didn't until today! My family came in town for Lainey's blessing and we went to Big Creek at Saylorville Lake and had a blast! My sister surprised me by cominginto town! I went to pick up my dad from the airport and right after I hugged him, he said, I have a surprise for you . . . and Emily came walking out the doors. I was sooooo excited! I have so missed my sister, so I was so happy. So we decided to go to Big Creek and we had so much fun! We rented a boat for an hour and went for a fun ride around the lake. The girls loved it. It felt so great to be on the water and to be outside. What a treat!

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eRiCa said...

super cool that you got to go on a boat...i miss boating so much!

there is a super rad all wood playground right by the boat launch area (if I remember right) should go there with the girls and catch fireflies...they are everywhere there...