Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dance Recital

Hallie had her first dance recital on Saturday, May 17, and I couldn't have been any prouder. She was adorable and did her dance really well! I was backstage, as a helping mom, and just before the girls went onstage, three of the kids started crying and refused to go out and dance. Hallie said, "why is everyone crying"? I told her that they were a little scared and they kind of wanted their moms. She said, " well, I don't really need you here, because I am not scared and so you can go now". I told her that I would just wait until they were ready to dance and then I would go out and watch her, but she insisted, and said, "seriously mom, I can handle this!" She has always been very independant! Anyway, the three criers refused to dance and so Hallie was left without a partner. But it didn't phase her a bit! She just did the partner part all by herself and never missed a beat. (well she missed a few beats, but she is only three!) Anyway, it was really fun to be there and watch her and have her have such a good time! I loved it!

Sharing the spotlight with her sis!

The backwards elephant walk!

These two could not stop bouncing before the dance! They were so excited!

What is a dance recital without flowers?

We were so lucky and happy to have Grandma here for the big day!

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