Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dance Class

OK~So I am finding out by looking at all of my friends' blogs that I really don't know how to blog at all! Everyone has music and slideshows and very witty, interesting text! So I am a little behind, but I set up my blog so that my fam and friends could see what is going on with my family. I am slowly getting with the program, but I have accepted the fact that I will never be like the true "bloggers". So I guess back to my usual family updates! Hallie started dance lessons and we are so excited about it! She loves it. Last week was onservation day and she was one proud little dancer! It was so fun to see her dancing!


Debbi said...

We saw Ella the day that day and she looked so cute in that little outfit, all the girls do! I love it! To bad I can't put my boys in it - I guess I could...but that would just be wrong.

Erica said...

What are you talking're a blogger...because you have a blog silly :D. Ella looks forward to dance more now that she has her friends in the class.

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

how fun to see your daughter dancing. they looked so cute in their halloween costumes! you should actually feel proud that you haven't given in to the blogging ADDICTION...yet!! :) but of course, we are always excited to see more fun pics and hear how you guys are, so the more the merrier!