Monday, July 6, 2009

Preschool Graduation

My little Hal also graduated from preschool! Kindergarten has been a real issue weighing on my mind since January. After much deliberation and fretting and talking to everyone I know, I have decided to send Hallie to FULL day kindergarten. In Iowa, that is 7 hours. I have had a few sleepless nights over it, but Hallie is so excited and she is ready! I can't believe this is happening!Hallie has made some of the best friends here and I know she will miss them so much!(FYI- I don't typically put make up on my 5 year old, she just had dress rehearsal for dance recital right before this!)

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Kami said...

She is so darling!!! I can't believe she is going to start Kindergarten! I wonder if you will be glad she is gone for a little while durring the day so you will only have four at home or if you will wish she were there to help? Just move here and we will all help you! I wish I could honestly say you won't need it but I really think you will! I know I would!!!!!!!