Monday, July 6, 2009

Catch up!

Wow! I have gotten behind. So much has been going on in the last couple of months! I am going to try and put it in order here so that I can keep my journal here!

First we had Hallie's dance recital. it was so much fun and she did an awesome job! She did her dance perfectly and looked sooooo cute. I danced in the recital, too and it was kind of fun to get to do it with Hallie. The faculty danced to a Micheal Jackson medley, which was right up my ally. Now it seems a bit ironic, now that he is gone, which, by the way, makes me so sad! Just FYI, I went to a Micheal Jackson concert when I turned 8 years old. That was what I wanted more than anything and my parents took me to his "Bad" concert. I remember it and it was AMAZING!

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