Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls

We have been celebrating birthdays for months around here! On April 7, Maggie turned 5, on June 8, Hallie had her 7th birthday and on July 7 Lainey Shae turned 3. I can't believe how big they are getting. I will have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartner! That just doesn't seem real. And I feel like Lainey has been 2 for about 3 years, so it is fun to say she is 3 . . . although she will tell you she is 4! We milked the celebrations as much as we could. For Mag we had a party with the cousins and went to pretend city on her real birthday and then a fun party in CA with friends and Grandma and Grandpa. She also got to celebrate at school. For Hallie, we had one party in UT, one in MO with all the fam that came to visit, and one on her real birthday! We did the same with Lainey. We had one on her real birthday. My neighbor Chris made Lainey the most darling Cinderella cake as a surprsise for all of us! I couldn't believe it. And then a few days later we had a party with the Jankes! I adore being mom to my girls and love them more than I could ever express. I love to celebrate birthdays and celebrate their lives and the ways that they have change my life. So here is to my three birthday girls! I love you sweet, sweet girls and I am so thankful for everyday that I have with you.

Here are lots of pictures of the parties . . . in reverse order!

Lainey's Ariel Party

Lainey's Cinderella Party

Hallie's Tangled Party

Aaron was Flynn Ryder

Lainey was Pascal. the Chameleon and Maggie was Maximus, the horse

Hallie's UT Cousin Party

Maggie's Karaoke Party

Her Doggie Cake Pops for School

Maggie's Cousin Party

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