Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun at the Lake

My fam came in town- [minus Mark and Kody, due to a seriously pathetic effort by Delta- we MISSED you guys!] and we had a great time. We hung out at the lake the entire time and we had a ball! The kids were in heaven. They learned how to do just about every kind of jump you can imagine into the lake. They water skiied and we went to the drive in and it was so much fun! We absolutely love to be with our family. Thanks mom and dad for a great week!
Golf Lessons- this was a trip!

The Drive In- FUN!

Parent's Night Out- Thanks for babysitting mom and dad!

G-ma and the twinnie bums!


Probably the ONE minute that Lainey wasn't on my lap in the water. Thanks for catching it!
Mmmmm! Summertime treat!

Great way to take a nap!


Mama and her girlsKiddos on the boat- what fun!
Jumping In

Grandpa and Isaac

Yeah for Daddy coming home for the weekend!

Hallie waterskiing! Way to go!

Abby skiing! I can't believe they could do it. And they kept wanting to go faster!



Anne said...

what a fun time...and all the new photos are beautiful.

Elise said...

Such fun pictures. The girls all look adorable! So glad they could see Daddy for the weekend.

Jennilyn said...

How fun! Your family is so beautiful. All those girls look adorable, we sure miss ya. Take care.

Anonymous said...

how come i'm really sad? it's because annie and aubrey are looking so much alike to me... and they shouldn't! i should be there and i should be able to tell them apart really easily like i could when we were neighbors! i'm really sad about this!!!!!!

Kami said...

looks like fun! Tell Aaron to get out of the office for a few hours and get some sun!!!! Just kidding we know he has been working hard, keep it up!

James and Jessica Ford said...

Oh, I love the new posts. Cute pictures and everything. The outfits turned out great! Miss you.

Alicia said...

Your girls are cuter than ever. How do you go to the pool with all of them by yourself?!

allison said...

cute pictures. I love your new family pictures, I have been telling Jason we need one with Austin in it. And I don't know if I have told you or not but I love Lainey's hair.
Hope everything is going good for you. You all look great.