Monday, November 16, 2009


Lucky us, we had some visitors this last week. My cousins came to visit for a fun girls weekend. We went to the Apple Orchard with the fam and then out for pedicures and manicures and dinner --- just the girls! It was a great time and I am so glad that they made the trip! My mom came out for a visit, too. It is always a treat to have Grandma here and we are so thankful for all that she did for us!

In the famous Iowa Corn!

They had this awesome slide! We probably went down at least 15 times. (Not me, don't worry!)

Here is me trying to rope Aaron. What is funny is that the rope got away from me and I actually roped Lainey!
They have this awesome Jumping Pillow.

Hal and Mag getting some air.

With the cute--stinky pigs!

My Girls.

And finally an updated picture of me. This is me at about 30 1/2 weeks. Getting huge and FEELING it!


Cassie and Mitch said...

That apple orchard looks like so much fun! We will have to go next fall for sure! You look great Katie, I can't believe that it could be any day now! Great job!!! Hang in there!

The Crowley's said...

You look awesome! Hang in there you are getting close!!!

Jennilyn said...

Awww Katie! I miss all the fun things in Iowa, especially doing it with friends like you. Brooklyn said the other day that she really missed hallie and maggie and wished she could go visit you guys in Iowa! We sure do miss those great times in Iowa, wow how fast things change. You look amazing by the way, I am sure you don't feel that way, but you are such a great Mom, I can't wait to see those sweet little angels. Take care

TripleM said...

You may be feeling huge, but you're sure lookin' cute!!

Megan and Shawn said...

Your girls are getting so big, I can't believe Lainey is Lainey!! You look GREAT! I'm not just saying that, hopefully you are feeling good too. You are still my hero. We miss you all and all the fun adventures in Iowa, I sometimes wish we were still there.

BJ+Anne+Brody said...

you are adorable and do not look huge. You are always

Corinne said...

How fun to have all your family there! You look fantastic...VERY pregnant but you look great! Those sweet girls will be here before you know it. 2 more to add to your beautiful family. You're in our prayers. Hang in there. We love you guys.

Sarah said...

You look fantastic!! i can't believe that your almost there, way to go!