Monday, August 17, 2009


We decided last minute to take a little trip to Nauvoo a few weeks ago. It was really fun and the girls had a great time. Aaron and I made it to the temple and we all watched the Joseph Smith pageant. We love being so close and having the chance to visit such a historic and sacred place every so often!


michelangelo said...

you have the cutest family. cute-est.

Kami said...

Are we really planning a future family vacation when Aaron graduates to go to Nauvoo? I think it sounds like an awesome idea! I would love to be there for Aaron after all his hard work and I have always wanted to go to Nauvoo. My kids still talk about the Martins Cove vacation even though they were really little I know they would love this!

shae compton said...

Hey Katie...I left you a message on facebook today and called this evening...I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!! I hope that you and Aaron had a great night needed it I'm sure! I hope that you will get this message. I love you birthday girl!