Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lots of random things have been going on at our house. We had Dad's day at preschool and the girls were so excited that Aaron got to come to school with them! I was so thankful that he made it work in his schedule so that he could be with them. They felt pretty special having him there!

This is little Lainey after about every meal. She is a total self feeder and makes such a mess everytime! She loves to eat everything and we are beginning to wonder if her "full' sensor works!

The girls watching a movie with all of their buddies. This is pretty common around out house.

Maggie modeling her new swimsuit from Grandma. She wanted to wear it outside in the snow. She was so excited!

Hallie and Javien. They are such good buddies and talk about getting married all of the time. They already pose like they are dating! Crazy and a little scary!!!

Aaron at his DMU Rite of Passage! We are moving into the clinic stage of the education and that will be such a welcomed change for Aaron! I am so proud of all that he has accomplished. He works so hard and hardly gets the recognition he deserves. He is amazing!


Morgan said...

oh my gosh, lainey is SO cute! she seems like such a happy little girl! and hallie's dance pictures are sp adorable.

Em and Klint said...

Oh my goodness the pictures of Hallie are so stinking cute and the pictures of Lainey are hilarious I cant stop laughing at them. Love you guys

The Ekins said...

Aaron you look great in your coat!!! You are amazing! Miss you all!

Brad Anderson said...

Congrats Aaron! I had a good feeling you would get through school.